‘Distress and the Diaspora: Mental health in African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean Communities in the UK’ , a conference on mental health, race and their intersections, will be held on the 25th March and will interrogate how distress manifests in African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean communities in the UK, the support (or lack of) we are given and how it can be improved.
Panels and workshops will examine the intersections of race and mental health and how it is affected by the community and education; gender and sexuality; the role of the state; and faith and religion.
We want to highlight the inequalities that exist in mental health care and encourage a conversation around the ways in which we can improve mental health services, support each other and organise for change. 

We want to critique the system but also consider practical moves forward to ensure our systems can be made supportive and effective.

This conference has been put together by a collective of students, with support from academics, Black Womens’ Forum UK and the National Union of Students Liber8 Education. We want to thank everyone involved. 

This conference is open to all but advanced registration is required.